From Copycat To Maker

November 02, 2017

From Copycat To Maker

China's National Agenda Heats Up

Few experiences can compete with the awe and wonder inspired by a visit to China. The magnitude and scale is beyond anything familiar here in the United States to the point that touching ground in JFK, LAX or SFO all feel infrastructurally and technologically dated. And, the old school stereotype of a lethargic state-run Communist China, well that just isn’t true. China is not without its problems and its officials still love to meddle, but even its inefficiencies are playing to the advantage of enterprising entrepreneurs.

a good place to start upChina sits at the front of a global frontier of new technology and the chance that your fiercest future competitors will be Chinese is here. $77bn in venture-capital investment was made in China between 2014 and 2016 compared with $12bn between 2011 and 2013. China has 89 unicorns (startups valued at more than $1bn or more) with a cumulative value of $350bn. And, China boasts 609 billionaires compared with 552 in America.


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This Is School

July 28, 2018

FuzePlay is an experiential learning company that integrates IoT technologies through play. We FUZE skills gaps with an educator first approach to developing real-world skills through applied code and electronics. FuzePlay supports a simple pedagogy: 1) Verify & Compile Code 2) Configure Hardware 3) Play Games FuzePlay closes skills gaps and prepares future minds to make the impossible possible! Our technology platform enables high-tech toys for the non-tech through turn-key subscription based computer science programming geared for PreK-6 classroom and home use. We FUZE Play!

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Letter to ISTE
Letter to ISTE

July 06, 2018

Teachers are the new Tech Wizards!! The children you teach will very soon lead us with a power we have not yet experienced in the world.  Your responsibility is great, and Digital Citizenship is real. #ISTE18

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Leading Dynamic Digital Skills Training
Leading Dynamic Digital Skills Training

April 16, 2018

Educators, we need you!  To be a leader in dynamic digital skills training General Assembly has been on my radar for a while. Zubi Flyer graduates learners from logic oriented game play to block based programming and on to text based scripting in an intuitive open source development environment. We close skills gaps and I like to benchmark myself against those doing similarly great work! 

Today, Switzerland based Adecco Group announced plans to purchase New York based General Assembly for $412.5 million.  That is a BIG number!! Where and how is that kind of value created?!

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Tech Specs

Code Zubi Flyer

Fuze Install Kit

Zubi Flyer Pin Assignments

In The Box 

Built-In Features

Electronics Parts

Microcontroller Specs 

The Zubi Flyer is the bomb dot com for makers: 5 PWM pins, 12 DIOs as well as hardware serial connections Rx and Tx. Running at 16MHz and 5V. The onboard switch-mode boost regulator is designed to operate on 3 Volts.  Power can be supplied from a 3 Volt CR123A battery or from a USB cable that provides regulated +5 Volts DC to the board. Do not run any power exceeding 5 Volts as the regulator cannot handle step-down voltage.

System Requirements

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