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    We operate with a “2/10 net 30” payment arrangement for approved school purchase orders. Payment is expected in full no more than 30 days after your order is processed. 

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Tech Specs

In The Box 

Built-In Features

Electronics Parts

Microcontroller Specs 

The Zubi Flyer is the bomb dot com for makers: 5 PWM pins, 12 DIOs as well as hardware serial connections Rx and Tx. Running at 16MHz and 5V. The onboard switch-mode boost regulator is designed to operate on 3 Volts.  Power can be supplied from a 3 Volt CR123A battery or from a USB cable that provides regulated +5 Volts DC to the board. Do not run any power exceeding 5 Volts as the regulator cannot handle step-down voltage.

System Requirements

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