Let's Get Moving!

Let's Get Moving is fun way to shake it out with a dance and a little drum beat! Use a combination of Motion Blocks, Control Blocks, and Zubi Flyer Blocks to trigger a series of moves that will have dancing around in no time! 

1) Select a backdrop from the library!

2) Select a new Sprite!



  • (Psst… You could also have Zubi as your sprite if you download Fuze Play pictures HERE!)

3) Drag a MOTION 'move' block into the Scratch Scripts area


4) Add the SOUND block 'play drum' into the Scratch Scripts area

scratch sound block

5) Now add Zubi Flyer’s LED Scratch Blocks into the mix! Select MORE BLOCKS and drag a SET ALL LEDS TO block into the script.


6) Next, start a dance!

  1. Add another MOTION 'move' block.  Click inside the block and type in a minus sign.
  2. Add another SOUND 'play drum' block, then choose a drum from the pull-down menu.

7) Add another Zubi Flyer Scratch Block from MORE BLOCKS - 'set all leds to'.  Click the block to change the color!


8) Drag out a 'repeat' block and drop it on top of the stack. (You want the “mouth” of the repeat to wrap around the other blocks)


9) Next, say something! Click LOOKS and drag out a 'say' block.  Snap it to the bottom of the stack.  


  1. Type in the block to change the words.

10) Now add a way to start! Go back to MORE BLOCKS, and add 'when (triangle button) is (pressed)' block to the top of the script.


11) Green mans go, when the Scratch light is green, click Zubi Flyer’s triangle button to run!

Tech Specs

Code Zubi Flyer

Fuze Install Kit

Zubi Flyer Pin Assignments

In The Box 

Built-In Features

Electronics Parts

Microcontroller Specs 

The Zubi Flyer is the bomb dot com for makers: 5 PWM pins, 12 DIOs as well as hardware serial connections Rx and Tx. Running at 16MHz and 5V. The onboard switch-mode boost regulator is designed to operate on 3 Volts.  Power can be supplied from a 3 Volt CR123A battery or from a USB cable that provides regulated +5 Volts DC to the board. Do not run any power exceeding 5 Volts as the regulator cannot handle step-down voltage.

System Requirements

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